Why do I talk about immigration issues so much? Aren’t there other topics just as important?

The deeper that I read and study the Bible, the more it becomes apparent that God has always had a special care for those in vulnerable positions. He instructs His people to care about the vulnerable, too. There are many vulnerable populations that could use support and advocacy.

But I have to say, I already hear the church shouting loudly about abortion and child sex trafficking.

I hear the church teaching that we should reach out to feed the hungry and offer support to the homeless.

Sometimes I hear the church murmur about caring for vulnerable children in abusive homes, foster care, or institutions.

I even hear the church mention racism or the importance of mental health from time to time.

But one thing that I don’t hear from the church is that God loves immigrants, too. That the Bible is full of stories of migration, exile, and the need to welcome the oppressed.

Immigration is not the only issue that matters…but I do think in my particular circle at this particular time, it is the issue that is most routinely ignored. As long as that is the case, you can expect more posts along this line. We will never have a completely just earth on this side of eternity, but I believe that we all have a responsibility and privilege to do what we can to leave our corner of the earth a more just place than we found it.