This week our family enjoyed some time at the beach and it was wonderful for us.

In an average week I spend a lot of time reading about our immigration system, which is full of inhumane and unjust laws, policies, and practices. There is an undeniable overlap as well between our society’s treatment of immigrants and the many injustices in our criminal justice system. It can be hard and heavy to look at these things, but I believe it’s necessary not to look away if we would ever like to see effective change.

In a recent team call, one of my colleagues mentioned the parable of the persistent widow who changed the mind of an unjust judge. This mental image has been playing in my mind ever since. We live in an unjust world where those in power want to keep it, and those with little power are the ones who suffer. It’s easy to get cynical, but the persistent widow gives me hope. Babylon is going to Babylon – empires will continue to seek their own expansion of power – but sometimes the persistent widow sees her day of justice. And sometimes we do, too. So we persevere.

My life is beautiful. My family is safe and healthy, and we just spent several days soaking up the natural beauty of the ocean. I’m thankful that we get to enjoy these beautiful little moments – but honestly I want more than that. I want all of my neighbors to have the same opportunity for flourishing. I want everyone to have a chance at a life that includes these moments of pure peace and joy.

Weeks like this remind me why I feel so passionate about advocacy. It’s not just raging against the injustice machine – it’s seeking the same beauty and peace for my neighbors that I seek for my own family.