It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through this year.

In some ways it feels like we are still stuck in this weird twilight zone of 2020, the year that never ends. Yet at the same time, so many things have changed in the last two years and I marvel at our growth.

I am currently reading A Curious Faith as part of Lore Ferguson Wilbert’s launch team, and really loving it so far. I realized this morning that the theme of the book fits so well with some of the guideposts that I set for myself at the beginning of this year. In my Hope for the New Year post, I wrote, “I hope our family stays focused on learning Scripture well. I hope that I will personally grow in wonder and curiosity.”

Looking back

I’m happy to see how my goal of being more intentional this year is paying off. I’ve focused a lot on disciplining myself to slow down, pay attention, and live in the moment more. Our family is paying closer attention to our calendar and learning how to say “no” when we need to rest and recover. We are sitting down to have more thoughtful discussions about what our goals are and what habits need to be adjusted to meet those goals.

In January I chose 5 main guideposts for this year. Be a peacemaker. Spread joy and light. Cultivate wonder and curiosity. Live intentionally in the moment. Seek out beauty even in the mundane.

I can see improvement in focus and follow-through for the last three, but this review is a good reminder that I have a lot of work yet to do on the first two.

Looking forward

As we move into the final half of 2022, I hope we continue to be curious. I hope that we are brave enough to ask questions and sit in wonder at the mysteries around us. As we go about our normal routines, I hope we notice the beautiful little things. I hope we look outside of ourselves to share that beauty with others. And even though it can be painful and hard, I hope that we do the diligent work of making peace. Not just keeping peace for the sake of our own comfort, but making a path for flourishing, safety, and love where there is currently strife or harm. I hope we spread joy.