One thing that I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I struggle to stick to rigid reading schedules. I may be able to go for a month or two on one of those strict plans where each date or day of the week has a specific reading assigned, but invariably I find myself stressing about falling behind and I give it up altogether.

What I’ve found much more sustainable is a plan with some padding built in. Maybe one day I won’t sit down and read, but another day I might have extra time and get several “lessons” done in one sitting. So my reading plan for this year is built around this model. I followed the chapter breakdowns from the Bible Project posters for each book of the Bible: I’ve read in this order before, and I find it helpful to read the chapters that go together in context rather than just reading one chapter at a time. Our family has found these very doable, and even when reading aloud we can finish these in under 30 minutes.

So — with flexibility and grace built in — our plan for January is to read one of these segments aloud twice a week, and watch the videos where applicable. I also intend to listen to the podcasts throughout the weeks and will journal as we work through different patterns and make new discoveries in our reading of the text.

One final note: another benefit to reading this way is that it also allows a lot of time to go back and re-read multiple times. Since we are only doing 2 sessions of reading aloud each week, I can also go back and read the week’s passage throughout the other days and focus in on things that stand out, read it in multiple translations, and take time to discuss each reading before moving on to the next section. This has been my favorite part of reading in this way!

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