Our family has gained so much from our studies on Matthew, and then slowing down to read back through some of the parables as well as another side study on what it means to be made in the image of God. Now we are ready to move on to Mark in April!

One of the greatest benefits to this series of study as a family is that it helps shape so many of our other conversations. We have gone back to the parables so many times in recent weeks, and continue to find new connections to how we can think of the kingdom of heaven through those captivating short stories. I look forward to how this will also inform the way we read through Mark and note differences in the way the narrative is told. The kids have such interesting insights and there’s something special about having this time to reflect and meditate together over Scripture.

Here’s the basic plan for April:

  • Bible Project overview video: The Gospel of Mark
  • Read Mark 1
  • Mark 2-4
  • Mark 5-6
  • Mark 7-8:26
  • Mark 8:27 – 10
  • Mark 11-13
  • Mark 14-16
  • Review & Discuss

One thing that I’ve learned along the way is that it’s really difficult trying to listen to the podcast episodes as a group, so I’m no longer including those in our reading plan. Personally, I’ve been listening to the The Bible Project’s Image of God series and also the newest series on The Anointed. There is a dedicated series for Luke-Acts that I look forward to digging into once we get to that part of our reading. Until next time, happy reading friends!

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