Our family is learning so much as we continue to make our way slowly through the Gospels this year. One practical thing we’ve learned along the way is that our initial reading plan was moving at too swift a pace, and we’ve begun stretching things out since that time. A long reading makes it much harder to also have time to engage in a robust discussion, so we’ve decided to schedule our readings and discussions for Luke over both May and June. At our current pace of 2 studies per week, we should finish the reading part of our study plan by mid-June, and then we’ll have a couple of weeks to debrief and really dig into what we’ve learned over the past 6 months.

Reading plan for May & June

  • Watch Bible Project overview video: Luke 1-9
  • Read Luke 1 – 2
  • Read Luke 3 – 4
  • Read Luke 5 – 6
  • Read Luke 7 – 8
  • Read Luke 9
  • Discuss readings so far, and watch Bible Project overview video: Luke 10-24
  • Read Luke 10 – 11
  • Read Luke 12 – 13
  • Read Luke 14 – 16
  • Read Luke 17 – 19:27
  • Read Luke 19:28 – 21
  • Read Luke 22 – 23
  • Read Luke 24
  • Review “kingdom of heaven/God” references throughout the Gospels
  • Compare and contrast Gospel accounts – what do we learn from reading different perspectives on the story?
  • Final takeaways and questions

Throughout those 2 months, I’ll also listen to the Bible Project’s Luke-Acts podcast series.

Looking ahead

Since we have also been doing daily (weeknight) readings from the gospel of John using this reading plan, by the end of June we will have finished all 4 of the gospel accounts. So at that point, we intend to spend the rest of the summer in Acts and then go through a few of the New Testament letters this fall.

Happy reading to all who are joining in the journey!

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