Our family has enjoyed our read through the gospels and Acts this year, and now we are excited to take on a handful of New Testament letters in the remaining months of the year. We won’t finish the whole New Testament this year at our current pace, so we’ve picked a few to focus on with the time that we have. I decided that we will start with some of the shorter letters before we jump into Romans, so first up in September is the letter to the Philippians, and then we’ll try to also fit in the letter to Colossians this month as well. With the new school year starting we have fewer evenings where everyone is available to meet, so we are switching gears to once weekly readings. Here’s the plan for this month:

  • September 10th
    • Watch Philippians video from The Bible Project
    • Read Philippians 1-2 (Examples of the faith)
  • September 17th
    • Read Philippians 3-4 (Challenge to follow examples)
  • September 24th
    • Watch Colossians video from the Bible Project
    • Read Colossians 1-2 (The exalted Messiah & the life of a disciple)
  • October 1st
    • Read Colossians 3-4 (The Resurrection Life)

I’ve also been working on a customized Advent reading plan for us to start in December, which I’m very excited about! Besides the valuable family time that we have gotten from these reading times this year, I have found that I also really enjoy building out these plans and thinking of supplemental material to help our learning. I hope that you are finding meaningful ways to engage with Scripture this year as well.